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HPF Field Trials

Field trials are designed to showcase the abilities of 3-member teams consisting of a falconer, dog, and raptor. Both austringers and longwingers are encouraged to participate.

The entry fee is $25.00 for HPF members and $35.00 for non HPF members. This fee covers the cost of two pheasants to be released for each falconer/dog/raptor team. Falconers choosing to fly more than one bird will be charged an additional $20.00 for each bird flown. Please see the Field Trial Rules for additional details. For each field trial we will be meeting for breakfast at the Pepper Pod Restaurant in Hudson, CO at 8:00 a.m.

Get your dogs and birds tuned up and join us in these trails. They promise to be a great time. Spectators are welcome, please contact us if you wish to attend.

HPF Sky Trials:
March 4, 2017